Flag Bearing at the Proact

On the 28th November our under 9s were proud flag bearers at the Chesterfield vs Swindon League One football match at the Proact stadium.

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15 under 9 players, their parents and coaches arrived at the ground at 1pm for a tour of the ground and to rehearse their positions before tucking into lunch provided by the club.

At 2.20 pm the under 9s went pitch side and, in pairs, walked the perimeter of pitch waving the flags and help to get a cold and wet crowd excited for the match. The boys and girls did very well holding onto the flags as the weather was terrible with a lot of wind and rain.

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Before the players took to the pitch the under 9s formed a guard of honour and held the large Chesterfield Football Club flag over the centre circle. Again all did very well despite the weather trying to turn the flag into a parachute. We then found our seats in the stand to get dry and warm and watched the match, with many of the players and parents attending their first ever football match. The result was a disappointment, seeing Chesterfield lose 4-0, signalling the end of Dean Saunders time as the manager of the club.

Myself, Ian and Gavin would like to say a huge thank you to all parents who attended to support their children (sorting outs kits – many had only just played 2 hours earlier) and braving the weather.

Here’s to next time, and better weather and a better result.

Tim Bedford


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