Flag bearing at the Proact

One hundred and fifty CJB players and parents and friends visited the Proact on Saturday 28 March to support CFC by being flag bearers before the match and by cheering them on in their one nil win over Walsall. This was the largest group put together by any youth club or school and was made possible by the generous discounts offered by the CFC Community Trust. The visit was part of the partnership CJB has with CFC which was agreed with Chris Turner last summer.

Here are some photos of the day; click on them to see the full shot. If you’d like copies get in touch with your team manager.

flag 24 sflag 26 sflag 35 sflag 55 s




flag 61 sflag 66 s




flag 70 sflag 81 sflag 82 s




flag 93 s




All photos copyright Oliver Couch

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